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Witness the Spectacle of Scarlet Macaws in Red Bank, Belize

scarlet macaw in Red Bank, Belize

Belize is a birdwatcher's paradise, home to over 590 species of birds including the majestic scarlet macaw. From December to March, the small village of Red Bank in southern Belize (about 1.5 hour drive from Placencia) becomes the premier spot to observe these vibrantly colorful parrots, as over 200 gather here to feed. Read on for essential information to view these spectacular birds up-close and make the most of your avian adventure in Belize.

Overview of Scarlet Macaws:

With their bright red, blue and yellow plumage, Scarlet Macaws are one of the most visually striking birds in the world. These highly intelligent, long-lived parrots mate for life and live in flocks. Though native to Central and South America, habitat loss has made the Scarlet Macaw an endangered species. Belize has one of the strongest remaining populations.

Why Red Bank for Scarlet Macaws:

Red Bank's proximity to the Raspaculo branch of the Monkey River makes it an ideal seasonal home for Scarlet Macaws. From December to March, the macaws gather here to feast on the abundant fruits of the polewood trees. Expert local guides lead small groups on tours to designated viewing areas where over 200 vibrant macaws can be spotted. Early morning is the optimal time to observe them leaving their roosts and foraging.

Tips for Responsible Viewing:

  • Use binoculars and zoom lenses rather than getting too close.

  • Keep noise to a minimum and avoid sudden movements.

  • Support conservation efforts by visiting ethical tour operators.

  • Do not feed or otherwise interact with the macaws.

  • Follow all rules and guidelines when in protected areas.

End Your Trip in Relaxation at Tranquility Beach Suites:

After a thrilling day of macaw viewing, relax in luxury at Tranquility Beach Suites. Nestled on the beach in Placencia (just south of Seine Bight Village), it has beautiful grounds, beach side pool, beachfront suites, and an excellent location to unwind. We can also assist you in organizing a responsible, educational scarlet macaw tour.


With Belize's thriving Scarlet Macaw population and Red Bank's ideal habitat, visitors have a unique opportunity to admire these magnificent birds. By being respectful and choosing responsible tours, you too can witness this natural wonder while supporting conservation efforts to protect this vulnerable species.

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