How Travel Opens Your Mind and Changes Your Life

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How Travel Opens Your Mind and Changes Your Life

Travel has a way of shaking things up. It takes you out of the monotony of daily routines and exposes you to new cultures, people, foods, and ways of life. When you let go of assumptions and immerse yourself in unfamiliar places, you start to shift your perspectives. The world begins to feel bigger, yet more connected. You gain an appreciation for the sheer diversity of human experiences that exist. At the same time, you realize how similar we all are in our hopes, struggles, and values. 


I’ve found some of my most life-changing moments happened unexpectedly during travels. Like the time I attended a local festival in a small village and ended up dancing with locals well into the night. Or while hiking through the rainforest, when I suddenly came face-to-face with a beautiful toucan perched in a tree. These serendipitous experiences created indelible memories and new ways of seeing the world.


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